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Four ace swimmers, Micah, Matt, Lynnette and Jean, were just on their way to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday on the beach... WHEN SUDDENLY, ENRAGED SEA CREATURES POPPED OUT OF NOWHERE AND STARTED ATTACKING THE PASSENGERS BECAUSE THEY KEPT THROWING TRASH INTO THE OCEAN!!!

Being the only people who could swim, it is now up to the four of them (and you, players!) to rescue the poor passengers!


  • Printable character and enemy cards
  • Chibi-style hand-drawn art
  • Features characters from The Punniest Pun Messter (Matt and Lynne!)
  • No computers required! (except for printing and downloading...)

Materials needed:

  • A six-sided die
  • Character cards printout (not necessary)
  • Pen / pencil
  • Simple math (or a calculator if you're lazy)
  • 2-4 people

This family game is recommended for all ages, and is good for children learning multiplication, addition or subtraction.

Note: This is my first TTRPG so I'm sorry if there are mistakes. Feel free to post questions about the game.


Swim Team Rescue Character Cards (to print).pdf 378 kB
Swim Team Rescue Instructions + Prologue v1.1.pdf 117 kB

Install instructions

Please refer to the instruction sheet for rules and prologue.

The character cards are to be printed.

Development log

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