Game Rules Update

After testing it out with my family, I received lots of feedback on how to make the game better. They really enjoyed it, btw.

So in version 1.1, I updated rules, mostly concerning the winner. (There were two categories of winners before: "The Last Swimmer Standing" and "The True Hero", but I decided the only winner is the "True Hero" who rescued the most civilians because if you want to win "The Last Swimmer Standing" you'll just need to escape from every battle).

I also updated the game's initial setup: Before choosing your character, you'll need to roll the die and determine the player order first. The first player will get to choose their character first, followed by the other players in the order. (This is because I noticed many players avoid taking characters with low stamina like Jean and prefer to choose all-rounded characters like Micah and Lynne. This is also to avoid fights between players).

That's it, I guess. Enjoy~


Swim Team Rescue Instructions + Prologue v1.1.pdf 117 kB
Jun 07, 2020

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