My first... TTRPG!

It's my first time making a TTRPG, and I hope I'm doing it right... 

Anyway, "Swim Team Rescue!" was made especially for Swimming Jam 2020, and it features characters from my other game, The Punniest Pun Messter, such as Matt and Lynne! 

Fun fact! (for TPPM players): Matt and Lynne were originally based on the characters from an old novella I made about swimming, where the protagonists are Micah and Jean! So basically they're not original characters from TPPM, haha. (Btw if anyone wants to read the novella I can post it)

Thank you for reading, and hope this post finds you safe and healthy. 


Swim Team Rescue Instructions v1.0.pdf 122 kB
Jun 06, 2020
Swim Team Rescue Character Cards (to print).pdf 378 kB
Jun 06, 2020

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Ohmygosh this looks totally adorable!!!! I am definitely gonna give this cute little game a go! (Also I am very interested in that novella).


Aaaa thank you so much! Hopefully the instruction sheet isn't that confusing cuz I realised it was so hard to put the rules in writing... And I'll upload the novella some time!! Thanks againnn!

The rules don't seem hard to follow, and you providing the example really helps! 


Oo thank goodness. Thanks for saying that and hope you enjoy the game~