A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

A heist has taken place in your local museum, and, after a series of unfortunate events, you found yourself in an eccentric detective's agency, who seems to have taken a liking to you because of your... vast knowledge in the art of memery. 

Coupled with both the meme detective and his suicidal secretary who resembles a dying donkey more than a human, it is now up to you and your new partners to get to the bottom of this case! 

Yeah, this is big brain time.


  • Italian Translation is now available, thanks to KITranslation!
  • 10 CGs with variations 
  • 5 endings + 1 secret end
  • CG Gallery
  • Tips (notes) Gallery
  • Approximately 20,000 words (2-3 hours of gameplay)
  • Fully voiced
  • It's free real estate  ¬‿¬

(Oh, also, this game takes place a year after The Punniest Pun Messter, and may be considered a spin-off taking place in the same world. So you miiiight just see some characters making an appearance here.)

 (click to check them out on Twitter!)

Italian Translation: KITranslation

This game contains a lot of puns and meme references. Proceed at your own risk... You have been warned.

Content warning: Contains mild mentions of self-harm and violence.

A submission to Otome Jam 2021 and SuNoFes 2021

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsComedy, Crime, Dating Sim, Detective, Female Protagonist, Funny, Mystery, Otome, Romance, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


MemeDetective_v2.1_win.zip 223 MB
MemeDetective-v2.1-mac.zip 232 MB
MemeDetective_voiced_Android.apk 316 MB

Install instructions

When first playing the game, it might load for a long time. If that happens, please be patient and let it run. If the game lags a lot, you can also change the graphics settings by going to Settings --> Basic --> Graphics.

To switch to Italian language, go to the main menu --> Settings --> Basic --> Language. 

Development log


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I know that you already worked hard to make the game playable on android, but the android build does not work for my phone. Can you please make a web version of the game?

Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear that it doesn't work on your phone. Unfortunately, the game uses a lot of resources and is not optimised for web, so I'm afraid that I don't have any plans to release the Web version anytime soon. Thanks for your understanding!

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Hello there, it's me again.

I liked this one. Got all the endings and all. Lynette and Akila are very cool.

I liked all the voices, but actually hearing the VAs takes so much time aaaaa

(Yes, I constantly cut out the voices by reading too quick)

Since unity has no screenshot feature I uhhh made this lmao

[Spoilers? I dunno]

Don't ask about my bottom left art

Haha, thanks for playing ^^ poyo

I liked the game but Jeff made me violent xD /neg

Eheh, thanks for playing (and sorry for the late reply)!


hhh i got the bad end 2, then the secret ending, then the other bad end, then horatio end, then jeff end, then bad end 2

Thanks for playing! And I suppose the 'secret ending' is quite easy to get, eh? hehe

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Just found the game again after searching my files. I really like it, It was really hilarious. Lmao Jeff!🤣 I felt sorry for Horatio when he's being serious and Jeff keep speaking with referencing memes and when Jeff speaking normally to Mai and but not to him. He's going insane when he's with Jeff xD (is his throat okay? He shout quite a lot ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ). Anyway, I love the plot xD it was good . Oh dont forget the VA and Cgs too. But haha lmao its just  kinda laggy when I played it. Good things there's a settings to adjust ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗I player it for like 3 am in the morning. My mom just came out and asking why im laughing out of nowhere and scared her pfft 

Hi, MyKawaiiPanda! Thanks for playing Meme Detective and I'm glad that you enjoy it! Yeah, the VAs did an amazing job voicing them and are totally in-character! I think it's slow because Unity games take a lot of resources. Lol to your mom getting scared of your 3 am laughter haha. ^^


this is the funniest games I've ever played, its currently 2am and im struggling to not laugh too loud. I love Jeff's Real name.

some of the endings really surprised me too!! To everyone who worked on this, you did amazing!! I also love that the MC has a prosthetic arm. Definitely gonna make some fanart of this sometime soon >:) 

Hi dutchmillt! Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the humour, hehe :D


Finally managed to get most of the endings.... I think I may have 2 left, but anyway! I HIGHLY ENJOYED THAT! Hahahaha, poor Horatio looked so done with life (reminds me of Del hahaha) and Jeff's dialogue was hilarious! The voice acting was great! Everyone seemed to really enjoy their roles (and it was an honor to lend my voice for best girl ??? lol). Whilst the game was comedic genius, I really loved that it had a plot and how it connects to TPPM, and I so look forward to helping you expand this world with our collaborative releases in the future!


Hi Kokoro~ Thanks for leaving a comment haha, always honored to have your voice in the game! And yes I look forward to our collabs!


I love this game, it's really good and makes for a fun read. It's been a long time since a VN has made me laugh this much lmao.

I had played TPPM long before I had a proper account on itch and was feeling like replaying it again, that's how I bumped into this gem on your profile. I see that TPPM has a side story added too, I can't wait to play it again!

Talking about this vn itself, I got the 2 good ends first, then tried to get all the other ends. The 3rd bad end was the final one I got.  

Horatio's route had me wondering why I always go for the edgelords first on every single otome lmao. But I enjoyed every minute of it. He's a well written character and I like him a lot. 

Jeff's route was pretty fun too, he reminds me of Matt from TPPM and I love the eccentric-but-secretly-genius-character tropes in general.

The voice acting is superb, it fits each character perfectly. You guys have done an amazing job!

Also, the rumor about the heir of the veithans eloping with someone, I see what you did there lmao. Plus the 3rd option in the auction, very very nice ¬‿¬

All in all, I loved the game, can't wait to see what you come up with in the future! 

Hi Mai (nice name btw)! Thank you for playing and leaving a nice comment! Hehe glad you liked the comedy, and yes, the VAs did amazing jobs portraying the characters! Also, nice job noticing the TPPM reference, I thought no one realised, hehe.

I haven't played through all of it yet, but considering I know basically nothing of memes (I'm not even that old, I'm just not exposed to them very much xD) I found it to be pretty entertaining so far despite being clueless on the meme front :3 I've only gotten 2 CGs and 2 bad endings. I think I'll get the rest when the voice acting is in soon because I love voice acting :D

I don't wanna mention any spoilers, but I really enjoyed how one of my choices came back to bite me in the ass in bad ending 3, haha. And yes, I am definitely too naive x3


Oh no, you got all the bad endings ><'' Hahah, thank you so much for playing Meme Detective and for being patient with the next update! I'll play your game soon too! 

Oops x3 Well, that actually suits me pretty well cos I often enjoy the bad ends in VNs more than the good ones, haha. I'm such a sucker for fun bad ends :D 

I can't even describe how much I love voice acting, so definitely excited to hear what the characters will sound like when voiced :3

Im hoping to update mine soon as well cos I found some typos to fix + there are a few points where loading to the next scene is slow, so it looks like the game is frozen when it's loading >.< I just need to add some extra load screens so folks know what's going on, haha. 

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Sorry for the late reply! I love voice-acted VNs too! It's amazing how to hear how VAs bring life to the characters! And good luck on bug-fixing! I know it's time-consuming but the results will be totally worth it!

*High five* :D And no worries! Sometimes I manage to miss notifications altogether and then end up replying days later >.< haha.

Yeah, for me it's the voice acting that really brings the characters to life as you say :3 I get crazy excited when I hear voice lines for my characters for the first time x3 I know not everyone is keen on English VA cos they'd rather have Japanese in a VN so it's more authentic and stuff, but I just love all voice acting, haha. I probably love English VA more because when it's an OELVN it makes sense anyways, but also just kinda sounds more personal since I can actually understand what's being said without subtitles x3

I managed to fix everything I found in the end! I had been such a noob and left in waaaay too many extra mouse clicks that just weren't necessary >.< They should be gone now though! Good luck to you too with getting that voice acting in :3


It's nice to know your thoughts! Congrats on fixing bugs and thank you, hehe


gonna wait for the voiced version before diving deeper, i can be patient for 2 weeks :)


Thank you for being patient! ^^

Being An Old, I did not expect to like this game as much as I did, but wow, the memes got me. (As did MC's default attack AND defense being "throw her arm at it!")

I also totally have a soft spot for Jeff now, for some damn reason - memelord guys in sunglasses who actually have skills are my jam, apparently?

Hi there! Thank you for playing, and glad you enjoyed Meme Detective! ^^

Not sure what's the problem but any resolutions to choose from made the game more square than intended which cut content from both sides. I played it anyway but it's worth looking into.

Oops, thank you for telling me. Will look into it soon!

This is incredible.

Hello!! Aaaa thank you for playing tis an honor 😣!!

No thank YOU for making it!!! 

I was laughing so hard playing this I loved the MEMES and also the plot!?! The ending I was like OMG IT WAS ALL [Spoiler stuff]. 

And then when I replayed it to get the other endings, and there was dialogue with certain characters I was so sad like AWWWW, knowing what I knew about them then. (Sorry this is all so vague I dont wanna spoil anyone else ITS GOOD PLAY IT) 

Mai was so cute and funny and GOD JEFF. I felt so bad for Horatio in the beginning but ended up being my fav chara??? I want to know how he got his tattoo!!

Glad you enjoyed it and yes, this game is just an excuse to throw out meme references and my love for memes. I might put in more details about the characters and more CGs in the next update! Thank you once againnn, am looking forward to playing your other games too!