Crysmalia spinoff webtoon + new game announcement!

Hi, everyone!

Just a small announcement that over the past months I've been working on a webtoon titled "Frosty's Adventure" (if you played Crysmalia you may notice that Terevska had once said if he had a snowman he'll name it 'Frosty'). The series already has 8 (short) episodes, and is a mixture between traditional and digital (Sorry, the art isn't that great).

Here's the synopsis: When Frosty's creator, Terevska, was captured by mages from Lestyr, Frosty embarks on an adventure to find his master and perhaps discover the secrets of his existence too...

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy 

Read it here!

Also another announcement: Tofu Sheets Visual and I worked together in making Piece by Piece, a visual novel submission for Spooktober jam! It's released, and oh it has voice-acting!

Genre: Mystery, Horror, heartwarming...? 

Do play it if you have time! It's my first time collaborating with someone else and it has been a blast! 



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