Crysmalia: Dawn of Darkness is out!

Hello everyone, Crysmalia: DoD is finally released! Note that v1.0 is prone to changes because it has only been tested by me, so I appreciate any feedback or bugs that you find. 

Also, I'm delaying the Mac version because there seems to be a problem with saving files upon deployment. I'll try to work a way around it so please be patient, Mac users!

Just a side note: This game is a prequel to Crysmalia, a novel,  but it's not necessary to know anything about it to enjoy this game.  But if you do decide to read it, note that the novel is set approximately 60 years after the events of Crysmalia: DoD, and that one of the novel's main characters, Synneah, is not the same as the game's Siena. Also, the game contains some spoilers for the novel and vice versa.

Thank you for reading!


Crysmalia- Dawn of Darkness v1.0 601 MB
Jun 13, 2020

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