TPPM's 1st Year Anniversary Illustrations! + NaNoRenO 2021

It's 22nd March! And besides World Water Day, it is also TPPM's First Year Anniversary! 

Thank you all for the continued support and love you gave to TPPM! I'm glad to see people still download it even after NaNoRenO. This game means a lot to me, and it's the first time my game received so much exposure. 

Yes, TPPM is complete and I have no plans to add a new route or update the (flaky) sprites, but I might be doing an update correcting all the grammatical and tenses mistakes I made one day. Here's a few TPPM artworks (+ fan art by Kokoro) I collated!

(Yes, that's an Alice in Wonderland TPPM AU)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these illustrations and thank you once again for giving TPPM so much love!

... Now on to the next announcement.

NaNoRenO 2021

For NaNoRenO 2021, I am collaborating with TashaKokoro, or Tofu Sheets Visual, and a few voice actors/actresses, in releasing a new visual novel (most likely a demo)! I can't say much about the game because we want it to be a surprise hehe, but do look forward to it!

Here are some teaser words about the game, titled "Love is Blind(?)":

  • Yes, as the title states, it is a dating sim.
  • A blind texting dating sim.
  • Memes? MEMES? Yes, memes.

Yep... That's all I'm gonna say. I work as the character artist, CG artist and co-writer for this game.

You can follow our twitter for updates! My twitter: @ElSeth6

Thank you again, and happy World Water Day!



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I really love those bonus illustrations (especially the Lynn one). Do you ever plan to update the trivia book to talk about more info on Lynn's route, and include the new bonus illustrations? (I really love that trivia book hahaha)

Also excited to have you on the time this NaNo~

(1 edit) (+1)

Omg hii! Now that you mention it, I should update the trivia book and add on more trivias about Lynne and Akila now that their route and pasts are revealed. I'll do that in a while!

Excited to work with you too hehe~