v3.1 (because of an error)

Firstly I'd like to apologise to all new players who played TPPM v3.0 but started from scratch.

In v 3.0, if you play Rico's story without unlocking Seth's good end first, you'll automatically be sent to Lynnette's story after finishing Rico's. (Thank you to my friend who pointed out the mistake).

It was a silly mistake but it should be fixed now. 

If you encounter any errors, feel free to report.

Thank you and sorry again.


TPPM v3.1 Windows 299 MB
93 days ago
TPPM v3.1 Mac 297 MB
93 days ago
TPPM v3.1 Linux 300 MB
93 days ago
TPPM Android.apk 313 MB
93 days ago
TPPM Android (armeabi v7a).apk 314 MB
93 days ago

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