Lynnette's side story is out! (v3.0)

Yay! Lynnette's side story is finally out! Note that her story is unlocked only after Seth's good end. But for those who have played it already, an option at the start of the game will allow you to unlock all routes. (Important note that Lynnette is not a love interest)

Brief Summary

The police are hot on their heels to catch Black Butterfly, a notorious smuggling ring, but they are yet to find any clues about their whereabouts. Although promising lead emerges from Akila's undercover exploits, the police are reluctant to take action due to its seemingly unreliable source. Determined to catch BB, imprisoned Seth asks Akila and Lynnette to work together to uncover decisive evidence... which may or may not reveal the existence of a smuggling route hidden within the city.


  • Approximately 20,000 words (1-2 hours of gameplay)
  • 1 new CG (I know I said 2 CGs before but I changed my mind)
  • 3 new character sprites
  • Lynnette's past
  • Lynnette's trademark sarcasm and witty comebacks (yes, less puns... BUT I NEVER SAID THERE AREN'T ANY.)

Also, for v 3.0,  there are some changes to the game, namely:

  • Updated game menu!
  • Made Rico and Seth's route less cringey... the endings, mainly. (It's just a subtle change, don't mind it.)
  • Fixed some grammar mistakes and missing side images.

Also, please report any bugs you encounter.

Thank you once again for giving TPPM a chance! Hope you enjoy the game~


TPPM 3.0 Windows 299 MB
Jul 07, 2020
TPPM 3.0 Mac 297 MB
Jul 07, 2020
TPPM 3.0 Linux 300 MB
Jul 07, 2020
TPPM 3.0 (armeabi-v7a).apk 314 MB
Jul 07, 2020
TPPM 3.0.apk 313 MB
Jul 07, 2020

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Ayy, will redownload and play! Just one question: do saves from prior versions transfer over, or best to unlock everything fresh via v3.0's intro?

Hello catcracker! Saves do not transfer over, unfortunately, but you can automatically unlock all routes at the start of the game if you choose the option that you've played already. Thank you!