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Erven has always felt hollow inside. With all his parents' impossibly high expectations of him, the heavy responsibilities he has to shoulder, and the societal mask he has to wear... He yearns for nothing but a little bit of freedom. 

Things started to look a tad brighter when he made friends with Lio, but after Erven received a scholarship, their friendship started to fall apart... And that's when things took a turn for the worst.


  • > 17,000 words (2+ hours of gameplay)
  • Two endings (choices are unlocked after first playthrough)
  • Original sprites

Warning: This game contains mentions of violence, verbal and physical abuse, alcohol consumption, suicide and mild swearings. Players who do not tolerate the above are not advised to play.


SaveYou-1.0-win.zip 146 MB
SaveYou-1.0-mac.zip 145 MB
SaveYou-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 149 MB
SaveYou-1.0.apk 187 MB

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ahhhh I don't wanna write but I've procrastinated this review for far too long

That's some quite nice handwriting I just got here. Wish it was like that in real life

Ever since Rico I've become interested in scholars, that word just sounds so cool heh. I was obviously quite interested by this since it was supposed to talk about the bad parts of being one.

It's quite a sentimental one indeed. I like how you portrayed all those feelings, you can feel that this is personal. Such mastery can only come with real experience, and I find it quite cute your friend's experiences are in it too.

[SPOILER AHEAD SPOILERS } (why is } the right bracket, why did it suddenly become a curly one? Also, I just discovered those are called CURLY BRACKETS HAAHAHA)

One of the most powerful moments in my gaming journey was here. I came in this blind, just knowing it was very sentimental and about scholars so I really did not expect that suicide scene. Of course I thought it would be a turning point where things go for the better, but instead you went through with it, you committed. I think kinetic novels are so SO good for this. Multiple ending VNs with lots of choices are good for horror, romance, funnily-silly VNs, but sentimental VNs really shine like this.

And then, after I had already praised your brilliance in subverting my expectations, there came another bit of text, which me, in all of my haste (which is probably quite infamous by now) accidentally skipped and couldn't PgDn fast enough to re-read as I was forcefully brought to the main menu. The only part I quickly read: "Choices now unlocked". That. That was such a powerful moment. 

I needn't talk about how smart the decision to make this a kinetic novel first truly is.

The choices didn't feel at all as though they mattered, it was just repeating the sad story or trying new stuff. But maybe that is part of what makes it so powerful. The fact I wondered whether telling the truth to the parents was the right choice probably says something about me that I am not sure I want to know haha... Haha...

I feel as though the girl didn't get as much spotlight as she could have gotten, but I am fine with it nonetheless. Actually, it makes the game much easier to write I guess, but I dunno, I like side-stories hehe. Perhaps it would feel too packed with her taking a toll too.

Erven's room has some anime posters, so I suspect he is secretly a weeb (A secret he holds even from himself)

As usual, I read the script. No nice lil introduction this time hmph! I initially got confused with the "As an 8-year-old child" and understood it was a flashback only after a bit of thinking, it seems you also got confused there haha. (For context, you added #? at the end of that sentence)

Erven looks so buff in the final cg lmao

And now, the final part, typos, at least I believe them to be

"How's your exam preparations going?"

"The sheer amount of academic work Erven has to shoulder was overwhelming"

"Ugh, I wished I wasn't involved in this."

"and but the words"

"I was able to relieve all the pressure I felt when we're together, so..."

Too tired to write why I think they are typos, it's been 30 minutes ever since I started this review.

Thank you for the game!


Hi again! Thanks for playing Save You, and I’m glad the message I put in this VN came through!

The part about Erven being a weeb— I guess you can interpret it that way, but the truth is that the free-to-use BG I found just happened to have anime posters in them, haha.

Anyway, glad the VN resonated with you and thanks for leaving a comment! 

Btw, which type of comment do you prefer? Well-thought like this one, my live reactions like in REDemption Zone or my short ones like in Chocolate Catastrophe?

I am currently playing the Crysmalia series (Very good) so I will use whatever you answer to react to those. It's the least I can do after all

(1 edit) (+1)

Haha, thanks for the consideration! But honestly I enjoy reading your comments in any format, so feel free to write according to your mood and preferences! I notice that many people write in terms of their stream of consciousness, so if you usually write like that then feel free! The comment section is for you to express yourself, after all!

Oh yes, and hope you enjoy the Crysmalia series ^^

it was good

Thank you for playing!


Hey Seth, I just found this visual novel of yours today and wanted to say how much I enjoyed playing through the story. Although you have an abundant number of content warnings for audiences, I find that sometimes I enjoy heavier stories like these a bit more. They are a lot more thought-provoking and interesting when it's not a straight fairy-tale, if you get what I mean. I am curious, what are you working on next? I see you have a variety of other games that I will check out soon, but I hope that you will make more like this one!

Hello arceus444, thank you so much for playing this game! I'm glad you enjoyed the element of realism in it- I was initially nervous about releasing a game with many depressing contents as it was quite personal to me, but I'm glad to hear that it resonates with players. I am working on a variety of projects at the moment. One of them includes helping Tofu Sheet Visual's NaNoRenO 2021 entry titled "Love is Blind (?)" (to be released soon), and I am (or should be) working on Revelations: The Unmarked (which I have been putting off for far too long). I also plan to make an educational math game (long-term) and is also currently working part-time in an educational board game company. Anyway, if you liked "Save You", perhaps you'll like Piece by Piece- it has similar vibes. Sorry for the long comment, haha. You can read further game updates on my twitter or patreon page! Thanks for playing once again!

That's great to hear about your other projects. I'll try Piece by Piece as you recommended next!

It's also fantastic to hear that you are planning on an educational math game for the future. It sounds like you got a job combining things you really enjoy. I have a significant amount of mathematical background myself, and remember playing a fair number of knowledge adventure games when I was a kid, so it's always nice to see more stuff developed for the next generation.

Yes, thank you so much for your encouragement! I think teaching mathematics is something that developers find hard to incorporate into games, so I guess I'll take on the challenge... and haha, rare to see a math enthusiast here! Anyway, thank you again for playing "Save You" and for leaving a comment!

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great work dev

Thank you for playing it and taking the time to create a video! 


This is a very heavy visual novel, much more serious than anything El is known to put out! And it has a personal feeling to it, as the dev has pointed out. Whilst some scenes may seem a bit extreme, they oddly feel real, and as it all culminates to the ending in your first kinetic playthrough, you are relieved when choices are unlocked to attempt a happier outcome. I really love once you play the second time how a little communication goes a long way. I highly recommend this VN if you can handle its angst. Whilst your first playthrough will be extremely heavy, your second one will be a lot brighter, making the whole experience worth it!


Hiya, thank you so much for playing and commenting! Yes, this VN is a bit different than the ones I usually make and contains lots of angst, but glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!