A downloadable console game for Windows

Welcome to the Memory Bridge, a place linking various Memory Lanes together. 

Today we have two cases of interlinked Memory Lanes, ID 25971 and ID 73264.

25971 is a cheerful college girl with idealistic dreams...

While 73264 is a mysterious scientist overwhelmed with grief.

These two, however, have broken the laws of the Redemption Zone.

For that, they have been punished...

And never to be seen again.


  • This is a console-based text game, hence there are no pictures in the game.  
  • It takes approximately 2 hours to play. 
  • Version 1.0 only has 25971's route.
  • Sorry, but there won't be any Mac or Android version. (The game is an .exe file).

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and read the "READ ME.txt" in it for more details!


REDemption_ZONE_v1.0_dist.zip 7 MB

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