Are you ready to forsake all you have and leave everything behind?

Play as a nameless protagonist and recover your memories in this short kinetic visual novel.

A submission to O2A2 Jam 2021

I present to you:

  • 897 words
  • 1 Original Soundtrack
  • 1 Sprite with 6 expressions
  • 1 Watercoloured Background
  • 1 sleep-deprived creator

Hope you enjoy this short game I made!

Theme music can be found here:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dark, Female Protagonist, Kinetic Novel, Mystery, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, watercolor


Our Toy Box 35 MB

Install instructions

Feel free to download for better quality.


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This was a sad game and quite short, I really loved the artstyle used here especially with the watercolor! I also love the message but I did feel as though I hadn't properly bonded with the MC due to the sparse clues we know about her, but it's wonderful to see her trying to move on. Nice game~!

Hi there! Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! It was quite short due to time constraints and the game jam's word limit (<1000 words), but yeah I agree, it could be expanded more :0

that was really good! why cant i move on from the black screen i wonder... 🤔 ^v^

Hi, silverwater! Thank you for playing! The black screen just signifies that the game has ended, and there are no more scenes after that. Sorry for the sudden transition!

ahaha yes i got it (meant to convey it was kind of sad how they could move on from their toy box of memories, but we don't get to see that scene)

It was short, simple, and mysterious, but also very satisfying. I really enjoyed the subtle message it had ^^


Hi Kokoro! Thanks for playing! Tis an honour! ^^

The art style is unique and I liked the overall presentation! Lots of emotion in so few words.

Hi Cryoslight! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing! :D


Loved what you did with the changing textboxes! Adds a lot of emotion to the story! A short, yet suspenseful work. I like how you could figure out what happened with the context clues without it telling you outright. :D

Hi Heiden! Thank you so much for playing aaaaa I am honoured. I did make it in a rush but thank you aaaaa :D

That was from playing online. The window just closes itself when I played the window version.

After I leave through the doorl everything went black. A nothingless in which nothing appears. . .

Or is it broken?

Hi, thank you for playing! It's not broken, I designed it that way. The game used to have a main menu screen, but I removed it because it breaches the jam rules. So instead of returning to the main menu screen, I made it quit the game instead. Sorry if it seems broken!

Does that means it is impossiblee to finish the game?

(1 edit)

Hi SakuraYume, so sorry for the late reply! No, the game quite literally ends there, so the game is finished after you enter the door. Sorry for the confusion- I might upload a non-O2A2 version since it seems to confuse lots of players.

I liked how you used imagery to tell a story! It made the story feel extremely personal and thoughtful!

Thank you so much for playing, Tamafry! ^^

Neat short little game. Artwork is good. Love the music.

Hi Chara! Thank you for playing!

Cute art style and nice music. The concept is interesting. Good work! :D


Thank you for playing! ^^