Progress Update + best boi poll!

Hi, everyone! 

It has almost been two months since OFAF's demo is released! Here is a bit of progress update, just to let you know we're still working hard on the full version!

What has been completed so far:

  • A new main character that will be important in the story has been added!
  • Sol's route is complete!
  • 8+ new CGs have been added!
  • Music gallery and CG gallery are added!
  • Now there will be "chapter cards" at every chapter!
  • Kisha's route is 80% done!

We are currently left with programming and writing the remainder of Kisha's route,  plus a secret character's "mini route"! 

Hehe, who will This secret character be, I wonder?

Anyway, here are some CG sneak peeks! We hope you're excited~

(yes, that's a cameo of a certain someone from Crysmalia: Dawn of Darkness)

Release date of Of Frost and Flowers is yet to be decided, but if all goes well, we will release it at the end of August or in the beginning of September. There are bound to be delays, but I'll be sure to post another devlog if that happens!

On another note, after playing the demo, who do you find getting most attached to? Kisha or Sol?

Feel free to vote in the poll, I'd like to know!



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I must say.... as much as I adored the elegance and beauty and softness and fluffiness and tears on Kisha's route... he's really a lovely character... but but I know in the end I will probably find Sol to be my favorite.... his banter with Alto is always so witty and fun, and I am always weak when it comes to childhood friends! Thus, Sol receives my best boy card!


Understandable! Glad to see more Sol stans hehe ;)