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In the early world of Gaia, the capability to use magic is determined by birth, creating a rift between magic and non-magic users. 

Yet despite the rift, an organization stepped up with a purpose of making magic accessible to everyone: The Crysmalia Project. 

The story starts with Alto, a craftswoman who joined Zethania's Knights to search for her missing childhood friend. Upon joining them, however, Alto stumbled upon a secret she should not have known, and now her life is on the line...


  • 70,000 words
  • 14 CGs
  • Kisha and Sol's route + 1 mystery route


Sprite & Main Menu Artist: Apririnn

BG Artists: Kat, Yana

Composer: Iestyn

CG Colorist: tashaj4de

Writers: El.Seth, Tetora, Llem

GUI Artisttatapb

Logo ArtistKat

Proofreaders: lethologicalee, KuroKairin, Selene, WholesomeWraith, Zelan


  • OFAF is a prequel to Crysmalia: Dawn of Darkness, but no prior knowledge of it is required.)
  • Content warning: Contains mentions of violence and blood.

Additional content and images for publicity purposes is in our media kit.

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagsamare, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Magic, Mystery, Otome, Romance, Story Rich

Install instructions

For Mac users, you might need to go to system preferences and allow the app to run.


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OfFrostandFlowers-full-release-1.0-mac.zip 338 MB
OfFrostandFlowers-full-release-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 331 MB
OfFrostAndFlowers-release.apk 392 MB

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Hi! I'm excited to try to play this game but... 


Is Sol in love with Ellys? It comes across that way in the few minutes I've played. Childhood friends is my FAVORITE trope, but if he's already in love with the friend then I won't be able to handle it, and it's the only reason I can't continue the game until I find out. Please spoil that for me!

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Hi TwirlyMuffin, thanks for playing the game and I'll just cut to the chase...

* spoilers? *

No, Sol is not in love with Ellys. :D

Hope that answer encourages you to play the game, haha.

Thank you so much for answering! I'm excited to play now. :)

this is my first time commenting, but i seriously love all your games and played most of them, i could understand some stuff since i played Crysmalia: dawn of darkness and KAIROS before playing this game.


man i think this was before the events of Crysmalia: dawn of darkness, now i get to understand why Piero did the things he did (since Erika is his daughter).

and if i may ask was Lithiel the keeper of time, as in the one who used to bear the Memoria?

and depending on the route Alto chooses (the potential love interests) is it possible that Siena, Kain, and Ning Jun are related to her and the boys? just asking since i was curious hope i was not offensive 

also wish you the best in your future endeavors, and thank you for such a lovely game.  

p.s. I love all the characters in this game, but my favs are Kisha and Lithiel

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Hi lonerwolfnanz!

Wow, thanks for playing C:DoD, KAIROS and OFAF! Really happy to know that the world of Gaia is familiar to you, and I hope this visual novel gives it a bit more depth. 


Have you played Lithiel's route already? If you have, then Lithiel isn't the Keeper of the Memoria; in the Sky Realm, Chronos and Kairos are the only ones who could access it. There is a copy of the Memoria in the Sky Realm and another one in Gaia, which is kept by the Keeper tribe (not mentioned in OFAF).

There are no clear-cut references of Siena and Kain in OFAF, but there is an obvious one at the end of Lithiel's route, where you see young prince Terevska (if you've played C:DoD, Terevska is Ning Jun's old name). Also, if you've talked to the strange cloaked man in Hosheira Desert (Sol's route), he's actually one of Noir's colleagues (from C:DoD)! And don't worry, there's no way your question is offensive. I love answer questions regarding lore, hehe.

Thanks for playing OFAF once again, and good luck with your endeavours too :D

Thank you for explaining things to me, now i can understand the connection between the stories even better! 

Thanks a lot! 


Omg its all released<3


It indeed is~ Enjoy~


I finally finished the demo, and man... you have outdone yourself! Entering Gaia again, and seeing as it is a prequel to the Crysmalia RPG got me super hyped! The artwork in this is also especially gorgeous, the sprites are so cute and the CGs are brilliant. I was immediately drawn in the moment the game started, what a way to introduce the characters, and I love how the first choice dictates who saves Alto and the route the player will find themselves o.

The story itself is really engaging. I love how it explores more lore. I grin each time a country/region is mentioned, since I remember all the events from the previous games. I love despite the story's more serious tone, you always have many lighthearted and fun moments, like the banter between Alto and Sol, or the man trying to hit on Alto in the market, or The Desert Falcons book in the library. Very fun stuff!

Now to the routes themselves.....

I played Sol's route first. Childhood friends, ftw! Sol is an interesting character, and equally cares to find their missing friend, but his methods of doing so are questionable. Again I do love the banter between the two, and you really learn and can feel the bond Alto, Sol, as well as Ellys had which I think helps to connect players to why they so badly want to save her. The cliffhanger ending.... wow, how dare you end us there!!! 

Then there's Kisha's route. Wow, he's so incredibly sweet, but is also mysterious. I felt the most emotions on his route. I really wonder who he is, and after the cliffhanger ending on THIS ROUTE, whoa.... I can't say much about Kisha's route without giving any spoilers but I really enjoyed it. 

Overall, absolutely looking forward to the full release. This world has become so fleshed out with each game you release for it. You did a good job laying out the foundations and lore for the world for new players, as well as hype excitement for current fans. ^^


Aaaa thank you for playing, Kokoro~ Super glad you enjoyed it, and even more stoked that you remembered details of Gaia from other games! Look forward to the full release, can't wait to see how you react then! ^^


Really nice demo for this VN, the art is beautiful, music and sound effects really help bring the world to life, However ,I think the strongest point of this game is the characters, they are so good and well constructed and no one seems t0 take the spotlight so we get to know a little bit of everyone. The story seems very promising (Not gonna spoil it here!) so I'll be looking up to that.

Little note, I love the amount of choices we get to make during the demo, it really feels like playing a story and not just reading it!

Granted this world seems to be very big, with multiple storylines and plots to explore, I felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning by the amount of names of places and people I read with no context for me to put them in, luckily towards the end of the demo I came to understand most of the things (Thanks to a very good trip to the library) and since this is a demo of a bigger game it totally makes sense that I don't get all the answers I want.

Keep the good work!


Hi, Hikiyami Moriko! Thanks for playing and streaming our game's demo! We're glad you enjoyed it! We'll take your comments into consideration, so perhaps we'll add more details about the lore and add more world building as we know it can get quite confusing at first. Thank you again and don't worry, there will be more choices in the full release! :D


look so cute and pretty

Yes, the artists did an amazing job!


Absolutely loved it!!!! But I wish it was the full game :<<<< 

Hi, thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the game!


I was excited to play this one and dfjdjsdahadhs you didn't disappoint me aaaah this was so good! I chose Kisha and I loved him so much!! 

(I was a little sad when I saw it was a demo, but after playing and seeing how complex it is, I get why lol and I can't wait to see what is going to happen 😬😥)





When Alto does the flowers crown I was like "if he does not wear this I'm going to get pissed" and DHdsjsdjjddhd thank you so much for that CG 😭♥️♥️♥️ fbsfnfhfsj

Also… I got a little bitter with Sol 🤣🤣🤣I don't want yet to see his side of the story I'm still mad with what happened lol jyjtssjtfk

Hiya Alex_at_the_Moon! Glad to see you liked OFAF and the CG, our CG colorist and I had fun working on that! And haha, I see Kisha is going to be the popular one. I can see why you're mad with Sol lol, but trust me, he has a reason ;). Thank you again for playing and good luck with your future games!!


This... I want to see a lot more of this game!! 🥺

omg everything is so beautiful! I love the text box and characters' sprites... It's so pretty and their expressions are adorable 😭❤️❤️

I did Kisha's route first and I'm so happy with it 😍 The relationship between MC and him is so precious and easy to understand 🥺❤️

The story's pace is also very good to keep you wanting to see more and tHE CG IS TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART!! 😫🙏❤️

Kisha is a sweetheart 🥰 I fell in love with him right away, but in the end of his route I felt like he's going to make me cry a lot in the full game 👀 I can't wait for it lol

I loved this game and I'm very interested to know more about this world and the characters.

Congratulations on the release! I'll be around to see more for sure 🤗❤️


Hi demonbear! Thank you so much for playing OFAF's demo! And hehe glad to know you like Kisha! The pretty text boxes and sprite arts were made by our talented Sprite artist and GUI artist, so yep, thanks to them, and thanks to you for playing!! :D