Of Frost and Flowers' demo is out!

Greetings, everyone!

For this year's Otome Jam, I worked with lots of talented people to create Of Frost and Flowers, a fantasy VN set in the world of Gaia. That's right, it takes place in the same world as Crysmalia: Dawn of Darkness-- in fact, it's its prequel! (So yes, it's a prequel of a prequel)

We submitted a demo because of time constraints, but we'll be continuing development and submit it as an entry for Summer Novel Festival 2022. Release date is still unknown, but we estimate it to be out in August/September 2022. 

Hope you enjoy the demo and look forward to the full release!




OfFrostandFlowers-demo-1.0-win.zip 210 MB
94 days ago
OfFrostandFlowers-demo-1.0-mac.zip 192 MB
94 days ago
OfFrostandFlowers-demo-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 186 MB
94 days ago

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Ahh how intriguing

Hoho, hi again! Hope you enjoy~


So excited to play this demo, and then the full release for SuNoFes!

Hehe, hope you enjoy!