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Merlin hears the call of a piano late at night. It was a beautiful yet haunting melody, and she's determined to meet the pianist behind it. 

The music led her to a mansion which she swore she has never seen before, and she meets its two strange residents.

Play as Merlin as you uncover the secrets behind the mysterious mansion!


  • 12,000 words (approximately 1-2 hours of gameplay)
  • Original sprites
  • 3 endings (can you get them all?)
  • Now with Italian language option!

Italian Translation: Greta Augusto

Note: There's a cheat sheet attached if you can't get any of the endings. If you encounter any problems, feel free to ask.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Horror, Mystery, Otome, Romance, Story Rich, supernatural
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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MoonlightMansion-1.21-win.zip 129 MB
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MoonlightMansion-1.21-linux.tar.bz2 118 MB
MoonlightMansion-v1.21.apk 135 MB
Moonlight Mansion 1.1 (armeabi v7a).apk 119 MB
Moonlight Mansion Cheat Sheet.txt 1 kB

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AH This game is absolutely perfect to play at 4am while it's raining outside. The music is unbelievably beautiful, especially all the piano pieces, I'm such a huge fan of it now. Lowkey wanna look in the game file for the mp3 lmao

I love the story so much ๐Ÿฅบ The writing was beautiful, and I especially like that Merlin can tell Emil's current emotions by his piano playing. The music jargon aren't something I'm familiar with but it's so cool to learn! God, I cannot get over the music, every piece is so good. Also I'm so slow, it took me a while to realize Maria Cart is a reference to Mario Kart ๐Ÿ˜‚ The blood moon sequence was amazingly intense, and I love the play of words. Like when the friend told Merlin how their physics teacher rambled about relativity, and then a few scenes later, Nero said "ever heard of relativity?" I burst out laughing at Merlin's "...Ugh."

I'm so happy to get an ending that I feel satisfied with!

I can't wait to play again to find the other endings! The rain hasn't stopped, so I'll dive right back in. Thank you so much for this short VN, it's so charming. The premise is so mysterious and the realization of what that mansion actually is hits great. I love it.

I'd like to end this comment by showing the scene in the game that made me go, "yEAH GIRL"

I love these two ๐Ÿฅบ

Update: I saw Ending 1 and 2 and my respective reactions are below in meme format

Ending 1: showed the letter cg


Ending 2: when Merlin [redacted bc spoilers] and Emil asked if she wanted to play piano with him



Hi Sy! Aaaa thank you so much for playing Moonlight Mansion! (I am tempted to ask why you slept- or woke up so early at 4 am but I'm not one to judge lmao). Your comment made me really happy and I'm glad you liked the VN! Although I did chuck in some of my lousy piano recordings, most of the music comes from royalty-free websites like incompetech.com (Kevin MacLeod), dievantile.com (Di Evantile) and fesliyanstudios.com (David Fesliyan), so if you want to listen to more music like that, you can check these websites out. And by all means, if you're in your laptop, feel free to take out the music from the 'music' file lol.

Glad you liked the play on words- puns are just my thing... and memes too! Thanks for putting your reactions in the form of memes! They're so accurate haha! Once again, thank you so much for playing and for the kind comment- it really makes my day :) I'll be looking forward to your games too!

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Thank you for making Moonlight Mansion! (My cat woke me up in the dead of night, thank him for giving me time to experience your game at the most opportune and perfect rainy moment ๐Ÿ˜‚)

I saw in the credits that you played some too! All of them sounded so professional, big props to your playing and your choices of music! Aaaaa, thank you for the websites!!

That's right! Puns! I saw a VN about puns in your list, that's the next thing I'm eyeing on! ๐Ÿ‘€ Soon ๐Ÿ‘€ Aww, thanks for making such a nice game. It makes me spirited to continue my abandoned Ren'Py project, tbh! Thank you!!

Ah yes, cats. Of course. The epitome of beauty but also the devil incarnate... Jk jk. Please pass my thanks to your cat. 

I really doubt I play the piano well but thanks? Glad you enjoyed it!

Haha yes, The Punniest Pun Messter is where I put my repository of memes and horrible puns for the entire world to groan at. If you do pick it up, be prepared for awkward moments and 24/7 meme references. 

Ohh! You're working on Ren'py too! Good luck on its development!! I'll be happy to play or test it once you're done!

That is exactly what cats are, truly.

Puns and memes! Just what I need in these trying times! I will def play it soon!

Oh goodness, my Ren'Py VN was a passion project back then that I never managed to finish due to being overly ambitious. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Which is why I admire you, frankly! I hope we can support one another in coming times! 


Hahah thank you, hope you enjoy it!

Yep, sometimes we gotta start small, but being ambitious is important too! I'll be looking forward to your journey in gamedev! Also if you need help feel free to contact me anytime. Cheers!

I like it. :) I got ending 3. It's a nice story. There are some minor grammatical things and slight continuity inconsistencies (I feel like there are some present-tense and past-tense issues and I think that Merlin at one point was said to be 17 and then later said to be 16. I might be misremembering this, though. And when Nero said "11 in the afternoon" I got a bit confused because I thought he meant 11pm rather than am.) Also, I think the art could be a little bit better. But these things are beside the point: it's a nice story. I like the characters, the plot, and the music. The story doesn't feel rushed pacing-wise, nor does it feel like a slog to get anywhere, it just seems like it the writer knew the story they wanted to tell and told it well, and I respect that. ^^ I'm often faced with a dilemma when it comes to replaying visual novels when I feel that I got "the good ending". I don't want to see characters go through sad events for the sake of being a completionist, if you know what I mean. Thanks for making and releasing this visual novel~! ^^


Hello SelLillianna, thank you so much for playing Moonlight Mansion! I'm so sorry for the grammatical mistakes and tense issues- English isn't really my first language. And yes, you're right- I noticed I made a mistake with the age but forgot to correct it, hoping that people won't notice the mistake (haha). I will probably upload a corrected version later on. I'll also try my best to improve on my art skills (I know they're lacking) and hopefully they'll get better in my next games. I'm glad you liked the plot and the pacing. As for the endings, I also share the same dilemma as you when playing many games. Ending 2 isn't particularly a sad ending, though it's arguable. Anyway, thanks for your feedback! It means a lot! :)



I just got done with my first playthrough of your game! I must say, it's so surprising this was a thing made within 4 days time. I didn't even remember catching any typos in the dialogue, haha!

First off, I find it so interesting how our heroine is named Merlin haha. I find female MCs with boyish names to be really fun and interesting! Also, the musical pieces chosen were very nice to listen to.

I really enjoyed the mystery and light horror aspects of the game. Sometimes I found Emil to be a bit too much of a jerk sometimes, but I was satisfied with the ending I got and really wanted to be his friend! I also liked Nero's character. I got worried he may have been a more... sinister existence... but was pleasant surprised.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this short VN. It pulled me in immediately and I couldn't stop playing until I reached a conclusion! Very good job ^^


Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Ha ha, yeah, I guess I made Emil's personality too cold, and thanks for liking Nero! Thank you for playing and for the kind comment! :)


You're very welcome! My first ending was Ending 3 ^^

I'll check out the other endings soon~

I finally got around to getting to the other endings (with the use of your cheat sheet) and wow.... oh wow....

Ending 1 was so bittersweet and uncertain , yet Merlin still clung onto hope. Then there was Ending 2.... whilst I loved Ending 3, there was something really touching about 2 I really loved, I may like it slightly better. 

All in all, this game is beautiful and is now among one of my favorites, despite its short experience. Well done!


Hi again! Thank you so so much for playing Moonlight Mansion! I'm glad you liked the endings! I personally like ending 2 the best- I got the feels when I was writing it. Thank you again for all the support you've given me and good luck on your next games!!