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A witch sings faint throughout the night, 

Shadows dance joyful in white light, 

Boiled black blood bathes the red-eyed beast, 

Dull, bloodied blades break and rest in rust, 

Pale silver eyes melts hue with blue: 

The Keeper laughs, 

 He knows it all. 

This is a story of Carine and the Crysmalia, a dangerous weapon once held by a powerful yet nefarious sorcerer, said to be the source of all magic, but also the harbinger of destruction.

Now as darkness looms and the dark sorcerer rises again, Carine must work with aloof Arun, flighty Synneah, mysterious Ning Jun, and stoic Elm to end his legacy once and for all.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance.

Book Features:

  • 21 chapters + epilogue
  • 94,000 words
  • 510 A5 pages
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure
TagsCute, Fantasy, Magic, Medieval, Romance, Story Rich, supernatural, suspense


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(3 edits)

I read this at the beach :D

I am gonna treat it as a spin-off since, ya know, plot holes and all

Ning Jun is THE husbando, simple as that. Dude plants, cooks, and, quite literally, does parenting. This is like a cherry on top of the cake, you didn't need to go this hard, I already loved him.

Btw, I don't care enough to make this in order, I will just write as I go

The book uses the word "FEMALE" ONE, and I can't stress this enough, ONE TIME. This would be alright if it didn't also use the word "MALE" ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE TIMES.

"Queer fellow" was so out of context I didn't believe it. Then, I discovered queer also means "odd"

Synneah killing somebody and it being a huge deal was not really consistent with my mood. Arun killed his own family 378 times before that, so I was like: "Double standards, amirite?"

I had 108 kindle notations, but I don't wanna go through them. I even saw a few typos but naaaah I am lazy

A few were typos. Did you use voice to text? There once was a "what" in the place of an "one" or something like that.

A bunch were me shivering and UwUing at ning jun's sister.

The rest were just reactions.

Gotta love Walter trying to kill Synneah and Synneah going "friends :P". Does he like choking or some shit??? The heck

Bro made so many puns he just associated the person with the funnies

Alea is like a different skin Mirielle according to the cover ( Oh wait, that is Elm, isn't it?💀💀💀)

The whole "magic used to exist" thing makes sense. In Kairos, (which I only played a bit so no review yet) we see palmyr beach and the castle of the forging kingdom. This implies that the world of gaia and BB is the same, and since the beach didn't change names, they are not very long apart from each other in time.

Though, I am not sure Kairos counts as valuable proof or if I should disregard it completely

Noir is pretty damn cool 👍

"The last of the keepers, Synneah"

Siena: Am I joke to you?

I think I am finished.


Carine is very cool, I like that she is one of the only moral persons in the whole book 👍

Necromancy may be a dark magic, but that doesn't mean it's evil

Onto the list of favorites, to finish it all greatly.

1: My one and only, beloved, Ning Jun

2: Noir, cute cat backstory (When asked to imagine something small and harmless I thought of a bunny, and right after of a PET ROCK. Noir really came out winning by becoming a cat)

3: Synneah, the way he told his stories was so funny (I love parenthesis)

4: Carine, determined and moral + cool spade (I LOVED THE SONGS, I SANG ALL OF THEM) (If I one day finally learn how to make music I will definitely try to make them)

5: Mirielle, need I explain myself? I like shivering

(3 edits) (+1)

Hello again Ony_br! Thanks for reading! 

Ehe, yeah I wrote this at a time when 'queer' is synonym to 'weird'. No, I did not use voice to text, my English then was just horrible (wrote this like 5 years ago) XD

*ahem* oho *cough* you are extremely perceptive. Ok just a secret between you and me (and to whoever else is reading this comment)... you are absolutely correct about Gaia and the world of BB being the same. Although not canon in any of my games, Barley Island (the island in the BB series) was originally planned to be the "remnants of Gaia" after what happened at the end of this novel. But for now... It shall remain a secret ;)

Siena should be dead at the time of this novel, hehe, since technically Synneah's grandpa was Reagan.

Yep, it does have some plot holes and numerous grammatical mistakes- nobody else proof-read it so... Anyway, hope you liked the book nonetheless, and thanks for leaving a comment once again, really brightened my day! ^^


the stages of me reading this novel (SPOILERS):

  • haha oh my god the protagonist is a keeper hhahahah all my faves are dead
  • oh the girl has purple eyes—ERIKA IS DEAD
  • ning jun is alive but i can't be happy about it because his life is suffering
  • aww syn's bromance with walter is cute (author: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • arun carine sexual tension let's GOOOO
  • the ning jun gardener we all need in our lives
  • oh no ning jun had a hot older sister
  • ah. the mentioned son in c:dod makes an appearance as OUR PROTAG'S TRAGICALLY DEAD FATHER. ning jun's pain meter increased proportionally
  • me: i hope that walter's reasons for betrayal are his own and that there are no supernatural reasons for why he acted the way he did and that it was of his own volition
  • author: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • pog moment + genre change moment when synneah STABBED a girl
  • i just have to live with the knowledge that in between c:dod and this book piero managed to exterminate the sieger tribe
  • erika and co defeated that stupid sewer monster in c:dod so that the bandits in the novel could waltz into the castle
  • mirielle stroking syn's face: i am about to project so much
  • ning jun: if i died would you be like mad about it
  • elm: what
  • ning jun:
  • both ning jun and piero resurrecting dead family members of the main cast don't do this to me
  • oh yeah noir murderer slayage
  • noir: i will not meow on command nor will i come if you pspspspsps at me. stop it. have some respect @ ning jun
  • arun: i walk alone
  • also arun every five damn seconds: u good carine. u safe. did u hydrate
(1 edit) (+1)

Haha, thank you for reading! This novel is quite old so definitely not polished and potentially has plot holes when accounting the events that happened in C:DoD and OFAF :"D


oh its a novel xD