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I found this to be very funny, hand sanitizer as a healing item haha

Evan kinda sucks

Ending 3 reminds me a bit of Rico's cg in the truth route. What with the wall and all.


Haha, thanks for playing! 


And yeah, you’re right! I think it’s cuz it’s fairly simple to draw a wall for the background XD

hahaha i love the ending

i got turned into a cat but that sounds like a good ending to me 🧡


Hehe, thank you for playing, silverwater! I too wish to spend my entire life as a cat :')

I got both ending except for the happy one! 

Now I did. Is it because I didn't sleep or play with cats?

Yep, spending time with the cats or deciding to read Evan's magazine would bring you to the 'catastrophe' ending as you begin to share the same thoughts as the Cat man. Glad you got the happy ending, and thank you for playing!


I have just completed all the endings! This game was short and very ridiculous, but also extremely charming! Despite it's super short length, I enjoyed every minute of it! The characters were fun and the villain over the top (and his goal kinda terrifying lol), and the dialogue made me smile and laugh multiple times. Good work!


Thank you so much for playing and am glad you enjoyed it! ^^

can you make a mobile version

Hi, I'm still having trouble doing that. There are a lot of problems in deploying to android with RPGmaker. I hope you understand.

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Cute game!

I like that there are multiple endings.


Thanks for playing it! :)