It's Valentines Day, and Neima has just decided to give a handmade chocolate to her crush and classmate, Evan Blanche, a renowned celebrity.

But things did not go according to plan, and Evan is kidnapped by a cat-fanatic Mafia member. 

With the fussy class president, Roche, on her trail, and criminals to chase, will Neima finally be able to get a purrfect Valentine's day she deserves?

There are three endings. Can you get them all?

  • Note: I made this game in 2 days, so it's quite short, but I try not to compromise on fun. 

Do post if there are some bugs or if you can't get any of the endings!


  • Press 'x' or 'esc' to display the menu where you can equip stuff and save.
  • Use arrow keys to move. You can hold shift to change walking speed.

Important notes!

  •  If you can't play in the browser, you can download the game below. 
  • If you're not hearing anything, switch to Chrome.
  • It might not play on mobile phones since it's not intended for it.
  • If you are confused or can't get any of the endings, there is a text file attached which you can download. It has a few tips. 


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Chocolate CATastrophe windows 159 MB
Chocolate CATastrophe 1.0 160 MB
Chocolate Catastrophe Cheat Sheet.txt 911 bytes


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can you make a mobile version

Hi, I'm still having trouble doing that. There are a lot of problems in deploying to android with RPGmaker. I hope you understand.

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Cute game!

I like that there are multiple endings.


Thanks for playing it! :)