1.1 Android Update

After years, I finally fixed the missing text boxes and choice buttons in the Android version of The Clock Chronicle. Nothing else.


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Apr 20, 2020

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Hello! First of all, thank you for making this game available for Android and fixing it even after years!

I'm here in this devlog instead of the main game page to notify you of an error I've run into for the Android version. I believe it's a missing bg of the clock? Here is the error:

I am unsure if it's just my device unable to run it, in which case, I will have a go at it on the pc version too soon! 

Other than that, I'm enjoying it so far! I really like the atmospheric sfx and the screenshakes during conversations! Especially considering Lou is such an energetic character, the screenshakes just fits him whenever he starts yelling, that's a very smart thing to consider. Also, lowkey intrigued by the chill fisherman 👀

Hi Sy, thanks for reporting this to me! And I can't believe you actually played it haha! Sorry for the bug- I never encountered this issue before (or it didn't turn up in my phone), but I'll look into the problem as soon as I can! To be honest The Clock Chronicle is my most unpolished VN, but nevertheless my first, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry for the grammatical mistakes, clunky transitions, and inconsistent, flaky sprites... Anyway, thank you for giving TCC a chance!

Oh wow, this is your first VN? Wow this is even more monumental, considering how far you've gotten! It's like a stepping stone that jumpstarted you in making all kinds of things, I respect that! I don't know the full story quite yet, but it sounds ambitious and I'm amazed you finished development, that must be driven by so much love.

I think it may be just my phone unable to load the bg, so don't worry! I'll try it again on pc! I must discover the mystery! 😤

Don't be sorry for the issues, I find them all to be quite charming, really! It's a part of your journey in Ren'Py and that's important! Unpolished or not, I believe it's still a story worth telling, and there's nobody in this world who could tell your story like you, so I'll be happy to read it when my laptop is back from the dead! I'll comment on the game page properly next time after I finish it, just you wait! 👌

Awww thank you so much, Sy! Your encouraging words make me really happy. Yeah, you're right, although it's unpolished, this game is like a stepping stone for me to venture into the world of VNs (lmao). I'm sure it's the same with your 'Artur'! One day you'll look back at it and think "Whoa! I've improved so much! And I've gotten so far!" and remember the characters you so lovingly created! This is gonna be you after making another game:

But it's not so long after all haha 'cause it's gonna stay in your heart~ 

... Okay I'll stop there it's getting too cheesy lol. Thank you again for dropping by, Sy! Your words encourage me, it really means a lot to a rookie developer like me!

I SAT UP AND GASPED! Oh my goodness, I love that picture, may I save it?! Also, you're right! I'm gonna look back at this and smile stupidly hahaha, thank you so much!! And thank you for this meme, I will save it forever in my phone omg, you're amazing 🥺

Hahah of course you can- I made it for you. Welcome, thank you, and good luck!! Stay safe and healthy!