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Hello! Are you planning to work on this game in future?  Thanks!


Hi again, Stella! Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, R:TU will be put on hold for now. However, I still have plans to return to it and add more polish in the future. Sorry about this!

Please make an armv7 version. I really want to play this game.

Uploaded! (Hopefully it works 'cause I can't test it.)

It works! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it! ^-^ ❤️

I played for about ten minutes. It's a promising story; I would recommend hiring an editor, though. It feels like it was translated from a native tongue by a non-native English speaker, jumbling large, articulate words with a grammatical landscape which is always shifting tense. "Jemy" is a bit of an odd abbreviation for "Jeremiah", isn't it? I would sooner go for "Jerry", but at least it's better than "Jezza"!! I look forward to seeing it unfold, and take a word of advice: it might benefit to introduce some option menus early on. Players usually enjoy having some interactive agency.

Regards, Rinzai.



Hi, Rinzai Gigen! Thanks for playing R: TU! (even though it's only for ten minutes lol) Well, although it's true I'm not a native English speaker, I did try my best on the writing, and I'm sorry if it's not up to your standard. Yes, I have to check on the tenses as well because sometimes I slip up and go to present tense. Oh. Well, I thought 'Jemy' was okay because it sounds cuter somehow (haha). Yes, when the full version is released, there will be some options beforehand too! Thank you for the feedback!


I'm glad I did not discourage you. If you ever wanted an editor, I would be available.



Really loved the world building, the length of the demo was perfect as well. Looking forward to full release of the game <3

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Glad you liked it and thank you for playing! ^^