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Hello I played v4 of this game of yours, it was fun I enjoyed your story a lot. There was a lot of thought put in your characters and it really shines out here.


Hi Boos405! Thank you so much for playing KAIROS and for leaving a comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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It looks like my Special attacks use both MP and TP instead of just TP. Is that your intention?

Also, the Wind Talisman looks like an accessory that's also supposed to be a shield, but it can't be equipped as either by anyone in Al' Sharan.

I finished the game; I really liked it!

Uh, a few thoughts: 

In the first forest, I had to flee a lot even though I'd ground my character to level 8. That one set of bad guys that was three enemies was too much for me.

I wish there'd been more shops in Chapters 2 and 3; I ended up with a ton of currency from grinding through the dungeons, but I had nowhere to spend it between battles.

Hi Batshua, 

Thanks for playing and I'm really sorry for the mistakes...

Yes- the forest part was a bit too difficult, wasn't it? Even I had trouble in defeating them (haha)- sorry for the difficulty and thank you for telling. 

And yeah- I noticed the Wind Talisman couldn't be equipped. (But I procrastinated and end up forgetting to correct it) Sorry!

As for the MP and TP, actually, the TP is never really used in battles- the special attacks don't require TP. I want to disable it, but I don't know how so I just let it be.  (The power of laziness!)

Thanks a lot for playing! I'll make sure to take note of these mistakes and correct it! (and yes, I should add more shops too)

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If you update this game, I would totally play it again! It's long enough that it's not a disappointment, with a great plot and a bunch of cool playable characters. 

For a free RPGmaker game, that's … actually pretty awesome. (I play a lot of free ones and sometimes there's no plot, or only one battle, or the writing is terrible, or… you get the idea.)

I would also beta test if you want to make a major change and have someone else check it out. :)

Hi Batshua,

Thanks for the comment and once again, thank you so much for playing! (I seriously thought no one would play it) I'm glad to know that this game made you happy.

Thank you for volunteering, but I don't think I'm going to update it any sooner (I'm kind of drowning in schoolwork. Haha.) But I'll make sure to tell you when I update it! (Impatiently waiting for holidays...)

Thanks again, and good luck for life, bruh.