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It is a very wonderful game, but the ending really shocked me. I hope you design another game with a wonderful and distinctive game story.❤️


I downloaded it some time ago, but played it today and I liked it very much. I was delighted with the atmosphere in the forest when I was talking to Elios (and his calm voice was so alluring, so I wanted to meet him all the time, so I did his path first). And it was so nice to see, even for a moment, Shuang and Clifford again. I loved Doppelganger and to this day I consider it one of the best VNs I've ever played.

Hiya, thank you so much for playing! I'm sure Azure-senpai will be so happy to hear that :D

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This is the first vn that actually worked on my phone! Nice!

This wasn't really my cup of tea, but if I analyse it objectively it's a pretty good little VN.

Every time protag said YAY! I was happy :D

I really liked the opening line with the voiced poem


My favorite characters are villager A and B

I played a vn with a delusional mc somewhat recently, so maybe I just got desensitized with that.

Hiya, Ony_br! Thank you for playing Apricity! Eheh I love them too, I always try to give NPCs some personality ^^

it was such a nice and cozy read, the VAs did a wonderful job and i'm not gonna spoil anything in the comment section but Rue really did tug at my heart <3


Hiya, thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed it~


Oh!!!! This made me tear up. I absolutely loved the message at the very end about [vague spoilers] having to continue through our own stories. 

Thank you so much for making this!!!

Thank you so much for playing, Heiden! And glad you enjoyed the game :D

Holy, there's a extended version now

Yeah!! Hope you enjoy~

such a thought-provoking visual novel! I just finished playing through it and loved how the story turned out. I loved the plot, music, design, basically everything about this vn!!

Thank you so much for playing! Glad to know you enjoyed it!

omg omg omg, two of my fave developers (Elseth and azureXtwilight) have created the game! now i can RIP T_T, love you guys so much, all the best for your future projects!!!

can't wait to play the full version of this game! 

Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing and for all your support! ><

A big departure from Of Frost and Flowers (A great VN too!), this one is a really chill (pun intended) and soft ride trough the emotions of a young girl, it never feels heavy handed, not even for a second and the flow of the story is really well paced; I also really enjoyed the music of the game, it is very relaxing. And of course Chiara is really cute.

I won't spoil anything but at the end I got this really feel good realization when all the pieces fell together inside of my head and all those little details trough the story made sense. It's honestly one of the best VN endings I have seen in a while.

Keep the good work!


Hiya, thank you for playing Apricity and for recording your playthrough! I'll watch it soon! And glad you enjoyed the game ^^

Thank you for playing our game and doing the playthrough in your channel! Please look forward for the voiced extended version ^^

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Yooo clifford... He reminds me of another clifford from doppelganger. I haven't play this yet but I'll download it now and come back later ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧ glad to see another good VN you made hehe

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He is the same one! XD Thanks for playing!